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Escape Proof Adjustable Houdini Harness - Softshell Lined

Escape Proof Adjustable Houdini Harness - Softshell Lined


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Neck clips

Treat yourself to stress free walks! The escape proof adjustable Houdini harness by Indi-Dog is a fully adjustable, softshell lined harness designed for dogs who have learned how to back out of a regular harness. Featuring a longer back strap with an additional strap that sits around the stomach, the Houdini harness provides a safe and secure fit when fitted with the belly strap behind the widest point of the chest.

Based off of the Vari-Fit adjustable harness, the Houdini comes with the same great features, including:

🐾 Front and back rings as standard
🐾 Highly adjustable neck, breast, chest and belly straps
🐾 Non-restrictive design, allowing for full range of movement with no restriction of the shoulders
🐾 Comfortable cushion webbing and quality hardware
🐾 Machine washable at 30
🐾 Customisable colours and options

Choose the main harness colour from our 16 webbing colours then choose the design of your softshell lining, there's 80 possible colour combinations!

Add a grab handle for close control:

And/or neck clips, to allow the neck of the harness to open fully, for those head shy puppers:

Standard hardware is suitable for most dogs but we would recommend upgrading to brass if your dog spends a lot of time swimming.

Available in 4 sizes to suit almost every dog, small & medium sizes are made using 20mm webbing &  hardware, with large & XL using 25mm webbing and hardware. Custom sizing is available, for custom size harnesses we will use the webbing we think is best based off of the measurements give. If you would like a particular width please note this in with your measurements. 

Your choices will be expertly crafted into a harness perfect for your pup, please allow 2-3 weeks for it to be made 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mary Ann Bandy
Jack Russell solution

Our Jack Russell Annie was impossible to walk. She could wiggle out of every harness/ collar that we tried. We have finally found a harness that works. She has tried her usual escape maneuver without success. Thank you so much for this harness. I actually enjoy walking my little girl now.

Mr Mark Goodwin
Houdini harness

Brilliant product! Our border collie has managed to escape 3 different types of harnesses in the past but, so far hasn't been able to get out of her new houdini harness.
I would highly recommend to anyone with an escape artist doggie 😊

Steve Heath

The harness is too small for our dog, despite her measurements being within the stated limits

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear you're disappointed, however, if your pup is within the stated size range the harness will definitely be big enough, as we even allow for an inch or so either side of these measurements to account for mismeasuring :)

It's likely you have the harness set to its halfway point, with the slide adjusters still next to the padding, these do move, and if you pull them away from the padding the harness will open up more. Hopefully that solves the problem for you :)

Jacqueline Bryceland
Perfect for my dog

My dog can no longer back out of his harness…ideal!

Donna Wilkins
Houdini harness

I'm really pleased with the quality and fit of the harness. The grab handle is very useful too. It didn't take long to arrive.

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