Truly the best dog harness you can get! - A customer testimonial

When we redesigned the website we asked a customer to give us an in depth review, from the ordering process to her thoughts on the product itself. We did offer a small discount in exchange for a thorough review but asked for complete honesty, here's what she had to say:
What made you chose our product over others?
I was first recommended Indi-Dog harnesses by a friend who had used them exclusively for their podencos, and ever since our first purchase we’ve been a keen supporter. It’s difficult to find three strap harnesses that are comfy for the dog, not cumbersome, adjustable, and also look good – you get all of this with Indi-Dog. We have some harnesses that are a few years old now and get a lot of use, but they are still holding strong and with a quick wash can look almost brand new. With rescue dogs that have high prey drive and potentially a flight risk, having a secure harness that you can trust to keep them safe is an absolute must so with Indi-Dog giving the whole package, this is why I choose them over others.
How easy was it to find what you wanted?
The new website is very clean with easy navigation so you can find what you’re looking for without any trouble. I knew I was looking for the bespoke harnesses but even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, everything is laid out well and upfront on the home page for you to browse leisurely.
The product pages have clear information, for the harness it’s well described for each style of harness so you can decide which option is best for you & your dog including width of fabric, adjustable points, whether you’d like clips on the neck or a grab handle. Feedback I’d give is for the designs (given bespoke, these are important), it would be better for the large product image on the page to change with each option so you can see it as a bigger version as it’s difficult to see on a laptop so imagine almost impossible on mobile; I did find the slide show section but it’s not easy to find/work and is very slow. For sizes, it mentions either provide measurements or a size but there’s no mention of sizes unless you go onto the ready made section which I knew from previous purchases but for a new customer they might not think to check elsewhere on the site.
note from Indi-Dog - we have since made product navigation even simpler, and added the size ranges of the standard harness sizes to each listing!
What did you think of the choice of designs?
Absolutely love the massive choice of designs, not just in the patterns themselves which cater for every like but also the ability to fully personalise your product to your taste and to suit your dog.
Was it clear what you were ordering?
The product choices on the page were laid out really well, with descriptions if necessary so you can work through the choices in an organised way. Really liked that when you added to basket and you could then see everything you had picked at that stage in one place that wasn’t too lengthy. This meant you could easily double check what you were ordering to ensure you were getting what you needed.
Was it clear when you would receive the order?
Turnaround time was stated on the product page as a bespoke product, it was down the very bottom of the page however this was repeated at checkout which required you to tick a box to agree to the turnaround times depending on what you were ordering and was clear that if you had something bespoke, then ready made items would default to the bespoke turnaround time too. To me, that feels very clear and thorough as to making sure customers understand what time to expect.
Note from Indi-Dog - we now have estimated dispatch times displayed at the top of each product page to make it even clearer.
About the product...
The indi-dog fit is like no other I’ve had before - for dogs like Podencos who are all shapes & sizes and epic escape artists, the fit is simply the best with the bonus of being able to completely adjust to the perfect size. Often with harnesses of this type I find that there’s always some part of it that lets it down but Indi-dog ensures a safe fit in every single area of the harness/body which means I’m a very happy owner knowing my dogs are not only comfortable but secure. 
The design of the harness ensures that there is no area that rubs which is important for a lot of hound type dogs in particular as often they have thin coats and skin where these types of complaints are quite common! I’m a very “feely” person and this feels comfortable against my own skin so I feel that it is comfortable enough for my dogs. They’ve had no indication of anything pinching or annoying them after wearing the harness for several hours across multiple adventures. 
The materials used are very high quality, not thin or flimsy and with padding. I opted for a fully custom harness which meant I picked the design of the materials and it is printed beautifully.
Was it as you expected when ordering?
This is my fourth Indi-dog harness and honestly it exceeded expectations with the new style & designs. I’m always very satisfied with the product and I’ll always opt for an Indi-dog for my pods!
Our customer also left this lovely 5 ⭐ review on Trustpilot!
Truly the best harnesses you can get! I’ve tried multiple different brands to find the right harness that keeps pods safe and also fits well for all their different shapes and sizes. Indi-Dog ticks all the boxes and more. Being a multi pod household with regular fosters, it’s so important that I can rely on these to be comfortable, high quality and truly secure - it’s obviously a massive bonus how good they look too!
Thanks to PodencoPair for this lovely in depth review and accompanying pictures!
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